Tuesday, 14 June 2011


I've been told many times over the past year to begin writing as a stress reliever, I sure hope it works!
But then again, if it doesn't it should give me something better to do rather than hitting the Stumble button constantly until 4am.
How to introduce myself? I'm an art student in my late teens, currently living and working in London... I think for the time being this shall be an anonymous blog and while I don't want to be hiding, I intend to reveal all about myself, and I don't really want to experience any awkward encounters with people at work/college who have managed to find this, even though they most likely won't.
I think the majority of my posts will centre around depression/ anxiety/ emotional abuse/ self harm/ - just things which have generally affected me throughout my life so far. I could rant for England! Hopefully it won't be just doom and gloom, and I'll try not to bore you all to death. Promise I'll try :)